METASearcher - free meta search software

About the METASearcher software

The purpose of the MetaSearcher software is to provide a quick easy way to search the META tags of a list of websites looking for a specific keyword where the keyword appears in the following Meta Tags:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

As we all know for SEO purposes it is now a good idea to ensure that any backlinks pointing to your website come from sites that are either authority sites or at the very least have something in common with your website niche.

Use the METASearcher software to ensure that any links pointing to your website contain keywords that are similar to your niche or for those people who wish to manually comment on blogs use the METASearcher to find relevant sites to post on.

The METASearcher software is a free download and is available as a zip file via the following link

Requirements: Windows with the .NET Framework 4 installed

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